3 Things You Should Know to Stay Safe in the Work Place

Worker’s Compensation attorneys Work place injuries are responsible for a significant number of missed work days for employers.  For employees, however, work place injuries can be a source of aggravation, frustration, and physical and emotional pain.  The most common types of work place injuries include:

  • Trips, slips, and falls
  • Strains and sprains associated with lifting something incorrectly
  • Contact with either an object or with equipment (in other words, being struck by something)

Not all work place injuries are avoidable.  However, there are some things a worker can do to reduce the likelihood of work place injuries.

Preventing Trips, Slips, and Falls

Whether you are a construction worker or a secretary, or you work any other job, there is a risk of tripping, slipping, or falling.  If you see a spill, notify the appropriate party to clean it up.  If there is a risk of falling due to an unprotected open space, insist on proper barriers, from a stairway hand rail to a appropriate height barrier for an empty elevator staff.  Anyone can injure themselves in an unsafe space.

Lifting Correctly

When you must lift something heavy, follow these safe moves for lifting and carrying heavy objects:

  • Lift from a power position
  • Keep the load close to your body
  • Use a staggered stance and
  • Be mindful of the weight. Experts recommend limiting lifting to 35 pounds for the average person.

Using appropriate lifting techniques can reduce the possibility of sustaining an injury.  If a package is too heavy for one person to lift alone, another solution should be sought.

Avoiding Being Struck

Of course, it is important for employees to be mindful of barriers and cautions.  Equipment should be kept well maintained, and when equipment has a failure of some kind, it should be taken off line until it can be repaired.  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) goes a long way towards protecting workers from injury, if used correctly.  From ear plugs to hard hats, from safety goggles, to rubber aprons, PPE is designed to keep workers safe from potential work place hazards.  They should be used at all times.  Employees who are concerned about potential unsafe work environments should report safety hazards to their supervisor.

Have You Been Injured at Work?

If you have been injured at work, you may be entitled to compensation for these injuries.  Compensation typically includes lost wages, including lost opportunities for overtime.  Additionally, medical expenses incurred, including doctor’s bills, medical equipment, and ongoing therapies can be compensated.  Contact the Worker’s Compensation attorneys at Hilton & Somer, LLC.  We meet with potential clients free of charge to determine whether they may have a case.  We only charge our clients a fee if we receive a settlement.  Call us today to schedule a consultation at (703) 782-8349.  We can meet at our office in Fairfax, VA, or at another location in the DMV that is convenient for you and your family.

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