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Burn Injury LawyerBurns are serious and painful injuries. Catastrophic burn injuries are life changing and due to the financial costs associated with serious burn injuries can result in a lifetime of economic hardship to the victims and their families.

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Second or third degree burns, electrical burns, chemical burns, smoke inhalation injuries and fatal burn injuries occur in a multitude of different scenarios, including:

  • Car Fires: Motor vehicle accidents including, car, truck, motorcycle and aviation accidents can cause serious second and third degree burns to both drivers and passengers. The fire may be the result of the accident or could also be product defect with the vehicle.
  • Gas explosions: When safety mechanisms fail in the home or in the workplace, the result can be a disastrous propane or natural gas explosion.
  • House/ apartment fires: A burn may be caused by a defective consumer product, a gas leak, or the faulty installation of an appliance.

Burn victims who sustain their injuries at work may be able to recover compensation through their workers’ compensation.

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It is essential to a full recovery to get compensation that considers the lifetime effect of serious burn injuries, including the costs of plastic surgery and long-term medical care. Our personal injury attorneys have extensive experience in cases involving burn injuries. For more than 40 years, we have been representing the injured throughout Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland.

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