Evidence Needed in a Product Liability Case

A product liability case is a bit different than other types of personal injury cases. In many cases, they are quite complex. You have to prove that a product was, in fact, defective and this may require evidence that is somewhat technical in nature.

product liability

Not only will you need evidence of the injuries you sustained and the chain of events that resulted in the harm you suffered, but you will also need specific information regarding the product itself, as well as how it works or should work.

Some of the most common types of evidence required in a product liability case can be found here.

Product Liability Case Evidence: Medical Records

Medical records are a crucial part of showing that you were hurt by the product. The medical records you have will show the way that you were hurt, what functions you have lost (either permanently or temporarily), and the treatments that you have undergone, or will undergo in the future. The medical records you have will essentially “tell the story” of the injuries you have suffered in a way that can help you receive compensation.

Medical Bills and Other Expenses

Another crucial piece of evidence is your medical bills, and any other bills that you have related to the injury. The medical bills will help to show what the injuries you sustained have cost you financially, and they will help a jury or insurance company assign the value that you will be able to be compensated for.

Tax Returns and Pay Stubs

Your tax returns and pay stubs will tell yet another part of the story related to your economic losses. If you have sustained injuries that prevent you from working, long-term or short-term, then the tax returns and pay stubs you have will provide documentation of what you have lost thus far, or will lose in the future because of the injury from the defective product.

Videos and Photos

Videos and photos will provide solid evidence regarding the reality of the injuries you have suffered and how the injuries are affecting your life. When the jury is able to see the burns, cuts, broken bones, bruises and other injuries, they will have a much clearer idea of how the defective product has affected you and impacted your life.

Accident Reports

If you made a report regarding your accident, then presenting a copy of that report can help to demonstrate the events that led to the injury you suffered. An example of this is if you were hurt in a crash due to a defect in your vehicle, or in someone else’s vehicle. The accident report that is filed by the police will help the insurance company or jury fully understand how the defect let to the injuries you suffered.

If you were injured because of a defective product, it is best for you to hire an attorney to help with your case. More information can be found by calling our lawyers at Hilton & Somer, LLC by calling 703-782-8349.

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