You Don’t Snooze, You Lose: How Traumatic Brain Injuries Can Affect Your Sleep

Traumatic Brain InjuriesHaving a traumatic brain injury (TBI) following a car accident can affect many aspects of your life. For the most part, you will have to make a variety of adjustments to get back to a normal way of life after experiencing a TBI. Getting rest is usually one of the main things a doctor will tell you to do during the traumatic brain injury recovery process. Resting with these types of injuries can be a lot easier said than done. Below are some of the most common sleep disorders that can arise after experiencing a brain injury in a car accident.

Hypersomnolence Can Be a Big Problem

Most people have heard of insomnia, which is the inability to fall asleep at night. Hypersomnolence is the exact opposite of insomnia. Instead of not being able to fall asleep, this condition makes it hard for you to wake up after your slumber. Even if you get a full night’s sleep, Hypersomnolence will make it nearly impossible for you to wake up and function normally. This condition can also prohibit your ability to heal properly from a TBI. As soon as you start to notice you are having trouble waking up, you need to consult with a medical professional to see what treatments are available for this condition.

Sleep Apnea is Very Dangerous

Sleep apnea is a condition that makes it very hard for you to breathe properly while you are asleep. In some severe cases, you may even stop breathing momentarily while in a deep sleep. People who have experienced a TBI are at a greater risk of developing this condition. Generally, you will have to use a CPAP machine to ensure you get the right amount of oxygen during your slumber.

Post Traumatic Narcolepsy

One of the longest lasting sleep conditions you may experience following a TBI is narcolepsy. This condition will cause you to nap several times of day. Often times, you will have absolutely no warning before the need for sleep hits you. There are a number of treatments for this condition, which is why you will need to take the time to consult with your doctor. They will be able to help you find the right treatment to address the problems you are having relating to your sleep habits.

Consulting a Lawyer is a Must

Due to the restrictions these types of sleep conditions can cause, you will need to consult with a lawyer to see if you qualify for monetary compensation. With conditions like narcolepsy, you will find it very hard to work and provide for your family. If the accident you were involved in was caused by the negligence of others, then there is a good chance you are entitled to a settlement.

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