The 5 Most Common Types of Job Injury Claims According to a Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Virginia

An experienced workers’ compensation attorney has represented people who have wrongfully been denied a claim, or have faced discrimination because they filed a claim.

For decades, the Fairfax personal injury lawyers at Hilton & Somer, LLC., have helped clients with workers’ comp claims. We realize that knowing the 5 most common types of workers’ comp claims in Virginia can help you understand how to handle a similar situation in your life.

What Are 5 Common Workers’ Comp Cases In Virginia? 

Workers’ Compensation AttorneyThe state of Virginia is no different than other states when it comes to common types of workers’ comp cases, which include:

  • Cuts/Wounds – A simple cut may not seem like such a big deal, but you have to remember that people who work in industries like construction often handle sharp machinery. And those machines can cause deep cuts and wounds that can take weeks or months to heal. These types of nasty cuts often sideline workers that rely on their hands to do a job.
  • Sprains– If you’ve followed sports in your life, you know that athletes who suffer a sprain can sometimes miss more time than athletes who suffer a clean break of a bone. Sprains occur when a ligament stretches too far or is torn, and is most often a muscle or tendon injury. Sprains often occur on jobs that involve heavy manual labor, such as warehouse work.
  • Fractures/Breaks – A fracture occurs when a bone in a person’s body breaks or cracks. Fractures can range from a clean break to compound fractures in which a piece of the bone is exposed through the skin, which can lead to an infection. Jobsite fractures often occur on jobs that involve heights, such as a construction worker falling off a ladder.
  • Contusions – Contusions are deep bruises than affect the underlying tissue, but don’t pierce the skin. They are typically mild injuries that are treated in a few weeks and result of some kind of fall, or from an object striking a worker.
  • Burns – Burns are less common workers’ comp cases, but they do occur at jobs that involve mixing chemicals, working with electricity and fire, or working with flammable material.

Contact a Fairfax Personal Injury Lawyer to Help With Your Worker’s Comp Issues 

Workers’ comp is designed to eliminate conflict between workers and employers when a worker is injured on the job. But there are instances in which a workers’ compensation attorney must step in when an employee is denied benefits unjustly, or a workers suspects that the injury he or she suffered was caused by a deliberate act that would make an employer liable.

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