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Fairfax Accidental Drowning AttorneysWhen a child or other loved one is tragically lost in an unintentional drowning accident, it is devastating for the family members left behind. Even when a drowning victim survives, they are often left with lifelong health problems, such as severe brain damage and a permanent loss of function.

Unfortunately, these horrible accidents happen more often than many people realize. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that ten people die in unintentional drowning accidents every day in this country. Drowning is also the fifth leading cause of unintentional injury in the United States.

For the families forced to endure these types of losses, it can be difficult to know where to turn. When you’re grieving the loss of someone you love, a lawsuit may be the last thing on your mind. However, the law places strict time limits on how long you have to file a claim. If you miss your chance to get justice for the loss of your loved one, you may be forever barred from pursuing a case.

At Hilton & Somer, LLC, we know that money can never replace a life. However, when you have lost someone important to you, you shouldn’t have to deal with medical bills, funeral costs, and other expenses on top of it. The compensation you receive can help ease your financial burdens, so you can focus on healing and finding closure.

We are honored to represent families and individuals mourning the loss of a loved one due to an accidental drowning. We offer compassionate and respectful legal guidance to the clients we serve.

Who Is Responsible in an Accidental Drowning Case?

In some cases, a drowning is simply a terrible accident. In other cases, a child or adult drowns because someone failed to act or acted negligently.

Private property owners. Some accidental drownings occur because a property owner failed to maintain his swimming pool in a reasonably safe condition. Depending on the circumstances of the case, the owner may have an obligation to install fencing around the pool, or to ensure that the decking, concrete, or other surface around the pool was properly maintained.

Businesses. It’s also possible for businesses to be responsible for an accidental drowning. When you enter a public pool, you usually have a right to expect the pool to be staffed with properly trained lifeguards. You also expect the pool to be safe and well-kept, and for staff members to enforce rules and occupancy limits. Drowning accidents have occurred in gyms, recreation facilities, schools, cruise ships, community pools, at the beach, and inside waterparks and amusement parks.

Defective products. Accidental drownings can also happen in bath tubs and showers, with children and the elderly at the highest risks of being seriously injured or killed in a bath tub or shower.
No matter how a drowning accident occurs, it is devastating for those left behind. If you have suffered this type of loss, you need a strong shoulder to lean on. Our lawyers can help you get the compensation and resolution you deserve.

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The accidental drowning lawyers at Hilton & Somer, LLC offer compassionate legal guidance to individuals and families who have lost a child or another loved one in an unintentional drowning incident. These are emotional and complex cases.

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