Avoiding Car Accidents in Winter Weather

Despite the fact that Virginia has a pretty moderate climate much of the year, the temperature can routinely drop below freezing in Northern VA during the winter months. Since the area also gets about 2.5 inches of precipitation during that time, that means a lot of wet and icy road conditions that have to be dealt with by drivers. Below are some tips on avoiding car accidents during winter weather in the Northern VA/Washington D.C. area.

Slow Down to Avoid Car Accidents

No matter where you live, it’s best to slow down the speed of your vehicle if you are dealing with degraded conditions on a roadway. Rain, snow and ice can all have the effect of lessening the grip your tires have on a road, meaning it’s easier to slide or skid, especially at higher speeds.

Car Accidents

Nothing can lead to an accident faster than losing control of your vehicle. Slowing down will increase your reaction time and lessen the chances of your vehicle losing contact with the road.

Avoid Distractions

Avoiding distractions is good advice no matter what weather you are driving in, but it is even more imperative when you’re driving in bad conditions. Put your phone away, turn down your music, ignore others in the vehicle the best you can and devote your focus to the road and the vehicles around you. If the worst happens and you start to skid or slide, you don’t want to be checking a text message or turning around to talk with someone in the back seat at the time.

Make Sure Your Vehicle is Properly Maintained

If your tires don’t have good tread and your brakes are not in good working order, it can cause a lot of problems when attempting to drive on wet or icy roadways, leading to a better chance of sliding off the road or into another vehicle.

Poor vehicle maintenance can also lead to your car breaking down, which can leave you on the side of the road, exposed to other vehicles possibly sliding into you; even worse, a breakdown can leave you in the middle of the road, just about the most dangerous place you can be in winter weather when vehicles have less ability to avoid you.

Stay Home

It may seem obvious, but if the weather is bad and you don’t have to drive, don’t do so. Less cars on the road makes things a little safer for everyone, and if your trip isn’t really necessary you can keep yourself from what could end up being a bad situation.

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