Driving in the Left Lane: Is it a Law in DC?

If a new law is passed in Maryland, drivers impeding the normal or reasonable flow of traffic (in either lane) may be facing serious fines that reach up to $250. Due to the consideration of this new penalty in the nearby state of Maryland, many DC drivers are beginning to wonder if the same crackdown on slow drivers in the left lane is coming to their area as well.law in DC

The bill in Maryland was originally proposed in an effort to help ease cases of bottlenecking and reduce road rage by making it much easier for drivers to get around vehicles that are going slower than them. As of right now, Washington DC drivers aren’t facing this type of intense crackdown, but it could be something that is coming in the near future.

What the Law in DC Says about Driving in the Left Lane

Right now, there aren’t any left lane specific laws in Washington D.C.; however, police still encourage those traveling in either lane to do so with care and avoid slowing down the traffic excessively in the left-hand lane. Keep in mind, if a driver is considered to be acting in a reckless manner while on the road, they can still receive a citation and face fines, as well as other penalties.

Another nearby state, Virginia, has also made some changes. For example, the lawmakers have added a new mandatory minimum fine to the law they already had on the books that required motorists to move to the right once they have passed the vehicle or vehicles traveling slower than them.

Why is a New Law in DC Needed?

According to the police, the people who linger in the left lane, and they seem to “dawdle”, are considered a hazard. This is because they are making other drivers pass them on the right, which is in the driver’s blind spot. Additionally, this action (of staying in the left lane after passing) causes cases of aggressive driving because people that are stuck behind them will close in and then dart in and out of the right lane in an attempt to get around them. When the left lane remains open, it also lets emergency and police vehicles reach crashes faster – and in a much safer manner.

Enacting a New Law in DC is Really Common Sense

There are many who believe adding a new law in DC regarding left lane driving is actually common sense and something that should not have had to be put down “on the books.” If you are driving slower than others on the road, then you should move to the right out of courtesy to other drivers.

According to experts, about a third of all fatal traffic accidents in the U.S. involve someone speeding, which is about the same number as people killed by drunk drivers.

What Happens if You are Involved in an Accident that Violates the Law in DC?

If you are ever injured in a motor vehicle accident in DC, it is best to contact an attorney. They can review the facts of your case and help determine what needs to be done to help you recover compensation. The fact is, the injuries and damages can be severe and if you don’t recover compensation, the costs may become overwhelming. An attorney will be able to ensure the responsible party is held liable.

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