Falling in a Commercial Building: Injury Cases and Settlements

When a business welcomes the public onto the property, they are legally given the task to keep those individuals reasonably safe. Regardless of whether it is a large box store, such as Walmart, or a supermarket chain such as Giant or Safeway, if the public is invited in, there is an inherent obligation to ensure customers are not harmed.

Virginia Slip And Fall Accident AttorneysIf you are injured due to a slip and fall while in a store or commercial building, you may have the right to file a lawsuit and receive monetary compensation for the injuries you suffered. To know for sure, it is best to consult with a skilled personal injury attorney Fairfax VA.

There are several factors involved in any slip and fall accident. For example, accumulations of ice or snow in the entry way, a bunched up floor mat, items that are being displayed that are haphazardly placed, a spilled substance or poor lighting can cause these accidents.

Understanding Liability in a Slip and Fall Accident

There are hundreds of thousands of slip and fall cases filed in the U.S. each year. Not every case ends with a favorable verdict for the plaintiff. In many cases, the retail store has more financial resources and eventually wins just because they can hold out longer.

Liability in these types of accidents has to be proven. A store owner can be held liable if the condition that caused the accident is known, even if the condition wasn’t created by the store. If no one took steps to fix it, the store is to blame.

Proving liability requires the help of a personal injury attorney. They know how to prove fault and ensure that the guilty party is held responsible.

Why Hire an Attorney?

Many people who are injured in a slip and fall accident believe that proving liability is simple. However, in most situations, this is not the case. There are several factors that can impact the outcome of any case, which means that having an attorney review the facts and represent the case is in the best interest of the victim.

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An attorney will work to ensure the liable party is held responsible and that the individual receives the compensation they deserve. There is no reason to try and seek compensation alone, since this may not result in the desired outcome. If you need more information about slip and fall accidents, you can contact us today.