Injuries Suffered in Bicycle Accidents in Fairfax

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Do you like riding your bicycle? Whether you ride your bike for fun or as an environmentally friendly way to get around, it is important for you to be aware of the dangers a simple bike ride can hold for people of all ages.

Even though you might wear your helmet, wear bright colored clothing, have flashing lights on the bike and follow all the traffic laws: it’s still possible that you could be involved in a bicycle accident. In this article, we take a look at the injuries suffered in bicycle accidents in Fairfax.

Broken Bones

One of the most common bicycle injuries suffered in Fairfax is broken bones. It is very easy for someone riding a bicycle to suffer a broken bone when involved in an accident. There is zero protection for the bike rider from the elements and from the vehicle that hit them. Any level of impact in a crash could lead to a broken bone. Arms and legs are the most common bones broken in a Fairfax bicycle accident.

Head Trauma

Head trauma is another common bicycle accident injury. A helmet is a great safety tool to wear whenever you go for a bike ride. Bicycle helmets are designed to absorb the impact of an injury to the head. Even though a helmet might crack when you are involved in an accident, it’s better to replace a broken helmet than to suffer head trauma. Too many people, including teens and children, choose to ride their bike without wearing a helmet. This is incredibly dangerous. You can be thrown from your bike when involved in an accident and wind up slamming your head onto a vehicle, into a wall, or onto the ground.

Eye Damage

While not as common as head trauma, eye damage is another injury suffered by victims of bicycle accidents. Many bicycle riders wear goggles to protect their eyes and for good reason. Debris can hit your tire and kick up into your face or can be sent flying into you from a passing vehicle. You could suffer impalement in an accident with a vehicle where an object goes into your eye.

Road Rash

Those who ride motorcycles have likely heard of the term “road rash”. Like motorcycle riders, road rash is an injury that may occur at one time or another when riding a bicycle. Road rash happens when the body falls or is thrown from the bike and forcefully skids on the ground. It is almost unavoidable when thrown from the bike in an accident. While road rash is very painful, it is treatable.

Injured in a Bike Accident? Call an Attorney Today

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