Do Quiet Cars Increase the Risks of Car Accidents?

There are quite a few benefits offered by quiet cars. They are typically battery operated – or at the least, hybrid vehicles – which helps to reduce emissions, minimize pollution and reduce the total amount of money you have to spend at the pump. Quiet cars can also reduce noise pollution, which is very nice for the busy streets of Washington D.C.

Virginia Quiet Cars Accidents AttorneysHowever, while all these benefits make the vehicles quite appealing, there may be a hidden danger that is just now being realized. In fact, there may be a number of quiet car dangers that aren’t fully known yet.

The Trade-Off

There are quite a few reports and studies that suggest there is a trade-off. The danger for pedestrians is much higher when they are walking or biking near these quiet vehicles.

According to information from some studies, the potential of a pedestrian being hit and suffering a personal injury increases by 40% when considering quiet vehicles, rather than traditional autos. This doesn’t even take into account residential areas, where people walking are more common and the speed limits are lower – and where there are more children playing. In these cases, the risk increases by 50%.

As you can see, quiet cars are great for the environment and your wallet, but may present a number of dangers for those who share the roadway – especially pedestrians.

Quiet Car Dangers for Pedestrians

In addition to being quieter and presenting more of a hazard, some of the mistakes of traditional vehicles still result in pedestrian accidents for quiet cars. For example, drivers fail to check crosswalks, or stop at traffic signals. Also, distracted driving is still a huge issue with cars running through stop signs or not noticing a pedestrian as they turn. Any driver who is impaired by alcohol or drugs also make avoidable mistakes.

However, when quiet cars are being used, it is much less likely that pedestrians will be able to hear the vehicles and take the proper evasive action. This results in an increase in accidents, which makes these silent cars much more dangerous to walkers and bikers.

What to do if Your Injured in a Quiet Car Accident?

If you are involved in an accident with one of these quiet cars and suffer a personal injury in Fairfax, such as broken bones, traumatic brain injury or worse, you need the services of a quality personal injury attorney. They can review the facts of your case to determine whether or not you can recover monetary compensation.

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