Child Sustains Injuries After Zipline Fall at the Virginia Aquarium

personal injury lawyers Fairfax, VAWhen you let your child try something new, whether it’s ziplining or going on an overnight field trip, you should be able to trust the professionals who are responsible for your child. However, the parents of an 8-year-old Virginia Beach boy saw their worst fears come true when their son fell 40 feet from a zipline at the Virginia Aquarium.

How the Accident Occurred

What should have been a memorable camp trip to the Virginia Aquarium turned into a nightmare for the parents of Coleman David Winstead. Winstead decided to try a zipline course, but it went haywire when he got stuck in the middle of the course. Winstead was not heavy enough for the zipline to get him all the way to the platform. The operator of the zipline told Winstead to pull himself up. When he did, he fell.

The experience was traumatic for the little boy, who remembers a feeling of intense fear, falling from the zipline, and passing out. A report alleges that another child was injured in a similar way and suffered even more severe injuries than Winstead.

Who is Responsible for the Accident?

A lawyer for the Winstead family claims that Outdoor Venture Group is responsible for the accident and should be held liable for the medical expenses incurred by the family in the wake of the fall. The attorney’s analysis notes that the carabiner was not properly attached to the child’s vest and the zipline rope. In the suit, the attorney claims that the operator provided the child with a defective safety vest, an unsafe carabiner, and a defective zipline.

The lawsuit also claims that Winstead was not properly supervised by zipline employees. The course he chose was only approved for children 12 and older, but no one stopped the younger children from choosing a course designed for adults and older children. The attorney seeks $300,000 in damages for the family.

How Personal Injury Cases Can Protect the Public

A personal injury case can make individuals whole after someone else’s action or inaction leaves them injured. Beyond that, a personal injury case can benefit the public as a whole. In the case of young Coleman David Winstead, the family was of course shocked by the harm caused to their child. On top of that, they believed that the public and other parents deserved to know about this serious risk to children’s safety. Personal injury cases alert the public to potentially risky activities and hazardous products, allowing individuals to make informed choices about where they spend their time and money.

A case like this can prevent future incidents. A company named in a personal injury lawsuit is likely to revisit their operating practices and make necessary changes that protect the public from negligence.

Get the Compensation You Deserve After an Injury

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