What Everyone Can Learn From Professional Drivers About Staying Safe on the Roads

Car Accident LawyerStaying safe on the roads is everyone’s concern.  However, professional drivers have the benefit of an entire industry studying their every move and evaluating their every error.  One benefit of this scrutiny is that the data can inform professional drivers about the ways in which accidents are most likely to happen.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has compiled this data and created a list of tips and tricks for truckers to use to help keep them safe.  They can also help you average everyday car driver stay safe as well.

Look Ahead of Where You Are

Obviously, when driving, it is important to pay attention to what is going on ahead of  you.  From sudden braking by the car in front of you, to unexpected pedestrians in the roadway, your attention to the space immediately in front of your car is vital.  However, experts say it is also important to spend some time glancing ahead.  By keeping an eye out for what is going on about 1 ½ blocks in front of you on city streets, and ¼ a mile ahead of you on the freeway, you give yourself the time necessary to slow down if anything unanticipated is happening up ahead.  One can travel up to 60 feet in the fraction of a second  it takes to tell see an obstacle and send the message to your foot to brake.  By keeping an eye on what is up ahead, you keep yourself, and those around you, safer.

Drive on the Defense

Particularly in the winter months in the DMV, when roads can be slick with rain, or even ice and snow, it is important to drive on the defense.  No matter how safe you are, if the person in front of or behind you is driving recklessly, your life could be in danger.  The FMCSA offers the following defensive driving tips:

  • Maintain a safe and steady distance between your car and the car in front of you
  • Remember that the posted speed limit may not always be a safe speed – drive in a manner that reflects the conditions of the road
  • Be vigilant about possible hazards. Look in front of you, as well as taking stock of what is on the sides of the road

When it comes to lane changes and merges, the FMCSA reports 75 percent of crashes happen because someone was not exercising the care necessary.  Car drivers should be especially mindful of the fact the FMCSA found in over 90 percent of car truck merge crashes, the car driver was at fault.  Experts attribute this to failing to appreciate the speed of the truck when merging, failing to comprehend the amount of time necessary for a truck to slow or stop, as well as distracted driving, such as texting, talking with passengers or on the phone, or other dangerous driving tactics.

If You Are Injured in a Car Crash

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