What is a Hotel’s Responsibility to Protect Its Guests

What is a Hotel’s Responsibility to Protect Its Guests

Have you ever wondered what type of responsibility a hotel has to protect its guests? Our worst fears are often brought to light through news stories exposing guests who are unknowingly videotaped in their rooms, guests being injured on the property, and other issues that occur.

When a hotel invites the public to their establishment, they must protect their guests from the tortious acts committed by third parties under premises liability laws.

If the hotel where you stay fails to protect you or your family, the establishment could wind up being held liable for any injuries or damages you suffer.

The Invasion of Your Privacy

Hotels in Virginia are at a high risk of falling victim to stalkers and peeping toms who try to install secret video recording devices in rooms and other areas of the premises. Hotels must protect their guests as much as possible from falling prey to those seeking to record their actions in their private rooms, bathrooms, the pool area and other common areas of the hotel.

Even if the hotel had no knowledge of recordings being made, it can still be held liable for any incident that is discovered by a guest.

Robbery and Assault

A hotel is responsible for keeping its guests and their valuables safe from assault and robbery. A hotel’s main doors are never locked, which means anyone off the street can enter the lobby and wander throughout the halls. An attacker can then wait in a common area or near an elevator for guests to return, follow them to their door, and then force entry into their room. The hotel may be held liable for any attacks because it did not provide adequate security.

Loss of Life

It’s also possible that the loss of life at a hotel can wind up being pinned on the hotel or the hotel’s parent company. If the death occurred at the hotel and was not due to natural causes, the hotel could be held responsible. For example, a member of society is going on a rampage through town, enters the hotel, and then kills your loved one. The hotel could be held liable for your loved one’s death because it didn’t take the necessary precautions knowing someone was on a rampage in town.

Loss of life can also include falling down a dark stairwell, being hit by a falling object, and even a fire that was intentionally set in the building.

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